This New Music Friday, 350heem delivered a relentless new track by the name of “Back 2 The Block,” which finds him reflecting on his teenage years when he would skip school so that he could focus on stacking his cash. 

On the chorus, 350heem asserts his position with confidence, spitting, “I come straight off the top (I come straight off the top, yeah, yeah) / Just like a janitor, n*gga (Just like a janitor, n*gga) / I walk with a mop (I walk with a mop) / And just like a manager, n*gga (Just like a manager, n*gga) / I be on the clock (I be on the clock) / Making moves, I was skipping school just to get to the guap (Just to get to the guap) / Yeah, wake up and go get to work, then it’s back to the block.”

Check out the music video for “Back 2 The Block” above, and let us know what you think of 350heem’s work in the comment section.

Quotable Lyrics:

Aye, ever since I was a jit, I knew I was different, I wasn’t on no regular shit (Regular shit)
I gotta run up my digits. I don’t got feelings, that’s what I’ll be telling a bitch (Telling a bitch)
Lot of these n*ggas be snitches, if you pay attention, it ain’t hard to tell I’m legit (Yeah)
How you come up with this shit?
I just sit back, get top from a bitch

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