The COVID-19 virus continues to impact the world, to the point where it recently surpassed the Spanish Flu’s death toll to become America’s deadliest pandemic. Yet for many, the regulations and societal impact continue to be a divisive topic — particularly the implementation of mandatory mask mandates.

In certain states like Texas, masks are not mandatory, as the mandate was recently lifted by Governor Greg Abbott. Though his decision elicited no shortage of controversy, there’s one key figure that has no problem with the lax mask measures. And that is, of course, newfound Texan 50 Cent. 

 Theo Wargo/Getty Images 

Having recently moved down South, 50 Cent has quickly taken to his new surroundings. Today, the Power BMF media mogul took to Instagram to react to a viral news story in which a Texas couple was asked to leave the Hang Time restaurant after donning protective face masks. As it’s detailed, the owner did not want to have any masks in his establishment: “I feel the overall reaction with masks is ridiculous in the United States right now,” he explained, in a report from The Guardian.

Evidently, 50 Cent found the story rather amusing. “Yo i’m telling you we all gotta just move to Texas,” he captions, with a hearty “LOL.” While it’s entirely possible that he’s laughing at the absurdity of the situation rather than putting forth his own personal stance, it’s not the first time Fif has weighed in on pandemic-related news. He previously seemed perplexed by the revelation that a third Pfizer dose might be needed, joking that he would be heading “back inside” as a result. 

Check out 50 Cent’s reaction to the latest viral story coming out of Texas below. 

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