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50 Cent Has Top 3 TV Shows Across Black Households

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50 Cent has been an absolute gem for the Starz network, producing some of their top-rated shows of all-time in recent years. As he continues to dominate as a television series producer, the 46-year-old is celebrating a new milestone after learning that three of his shows are at the very top of a list ranking the highest-rated shows across Black households in the United States.

Sharing a confidential document from Starz (not so confidential now…), Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson informed the world that he’s still one of the very best at what he does, with three of his shows becoming the most popular cable TV series for Black Americans.

At the top of the list is Power Book II: Ghost (where’s the new episode!?), which holds a strong rating of 17.5. Power Book III: Raising Kanan crept into the second position, beating out BMF‘s first season by only one decimal point. The ranking, which only looked at scripted shows on cable networks, also named Have And Have Nots, Sistas, The Oval, Insecure, and other shows that are ranking high in Black households.

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“They can’t f*ck with me i’m #1 #2 and #3,” boasted Fiddy in his caption, sharing the stats to Instagram.

His television dominance is set to be amplified in coming years with the announcement of more series that 50 Cent has taken on, including Queen Nzinga, a show about an African warrior, and shows about Snoop Dogg’s murder case, 50’s feud with The Game, and more.

Do you think 50 Cent is one of the best television producers in the game?

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