Lil Meech has grown into a star in his own right due to his work on BMF. 50 Cent’s working relationship with Big Meech’s son has helped shine a light on Black Mafia Family’s story with the Starz series and opened the doors for Lil Meech to expand his acting resume even further. 

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Fans are anticipating season 2 of the Starz show after the success of season 1, and it appears that they’re back on set working. During a recent video posted to Fif’s IG, 50 Cent offered Lil Meech some game on how to keep his jewelry protected at all costs. The rapper was rocking Meech’s BMF chain when he warned the young actor not to walk alone with it on his neck. “Don’t be walking around with this shit by yourself,” he warned.

“I’m walking around with you. I normally walk around with you with that muthafucker on. If I ain’t with you, I don’t want it,” Meech responded.

While everyone laughed, the rapper rocked the chain before heading into his car, yelling, “This shit feels good — wait! Get the strap.” He added, “This should come with a Draco.”

The chain was created by Elliot Eliantte who revealed the iced-out piece on his Instagram page recently. Eliantte declared the piece as the “most iconic BMF chain ever made,” before calling for Big Meech’s freedom.

50 Cent’s revealed a handful of new cast additions to BMF season 2 including Leslie Jones and Donnell Rawlings.

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