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Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Has COVID Toe

By November 24, 2021No Comments

Aaron Rodgers got himself into trouble just a couple of weeks ago after he tested positive for COVID-19. In most cases, the player would get some sympathy for this kind of thing, however, Rodgers got none as he essentially lied about his vaccination status. This caused quite the uproar and with Rodgers missing one game, Packers fans weren’t too impressed about what went down.

Over the past couple of weeks, Rodgers has been dealing with some toe issues, and according to sources within the Packers organization, these toe problems are going to last the entire season. In a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers revealed that the toe issue could very well be COVID-related.

David Berding/Getty Images

“I felt good in just a few days. I didn’t have any lingering effects other than Covid toe,” Rodgers said. For those who don’t know, COVID toe is a condition that has been seen in numerous COVID patients. It essentially causes swelling and pain in your toe, and in some instances, this can last for up to two months. With that in mind, Rodgers could very well be hampered by this issue in the postseason.

Rodgers and the Packers fell to the Vikings last Sunday, and if his toe continues to act up, then the Packers could be in for a downward trajectory. When it comes to COVID-related after effects, it can be a long recovery ahead, and at Rodgers’ age, that is the last thing he needs.

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