During the NBA Finals, many noticed that Klutch Sports founder and NBA super-agent Rich Paul was hanging out with one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Adele. At first, fans didn’t know what to make of this pairing although it eventually became apparent that the two were dating in some capacity. There were numerous times in which the two were spotted in public, and fans were eager to see where their relationship would go.

Just yesterday, we reported on how Adele and Paul were spotted at a local In-N-Out during the Met Gala. Typically, Adele would be attending the event although she opted for a more lowkey date night with her new man. Pictures of the two circulated on social media, and it was yet another indication that these two are for real.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Just a few hours ago, Adele made her relationship with Paul Instagram official as she took to the social media app with a few photos of herself in a black and white gown. As you scroll through the images, you can see a snap of Paul and Adele putting their heads together for a cute little photo-op. Needless to say, Adele is ready to show the world her love for the agent.

As for her music, fans are waiting for the artist to drop something new, as she is one of the most consistent artists in the world with her art. Now that she is in a relationship, perhaps the love will inspire some new songs.

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