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Amber Heard’s Name Temporarily Changed To “Amber Turd” On IMDb

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Looks like Amber Heard was the butt of a pretty nasty joke yesterday. As TMZ reports, while her ongoing defamation trial with Johnny Depp has been put on a hiatus, the 36-year-old has been taking some time to relax with her family, although the latest headlines about her might make that kind of hard.

On Saturday, May 7th, it was revealed that someone had changed the Aquaman starlet’s name on the International Movie Database to ‘Amber Turd’ – a nickname that she picked up after word got out that she allegedly defecated in Depp’s bed.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor actually addressed the incident during his testimony, calling it “absurd and grotesque,” although he managed to find at least a bit of humour in the situation.

In case you’re not familiar, the then-couple found themselves fighting in 2016, around Heard’s birthday. Depp left the premises and when he returned, he found a large piece of feces in the bed. While the actress maintains that it was one of their small dogs who left behind the mess, the father of two thinks otherwise.

On top of that, one of his security guards/drivers testified that Heard told Depp the whole thing was a “horrible practical joke gone wrong” on the way to Coachella the next day.

It’s entirely possible that the bed incident will come up as Heard continues her testimony, although it’s been noted that continuing with the dog story could ding her with the jury, as “nobody really buys that [the] doo-doo came from anything but a human.”

Google Screenshot/TMZ

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