Amber Rose took to Instagram for the third time this week to discuss what went wrong in her crumbling relationship with AE, who was exposed recently for his infidelity. The once-beloved couple may not have been so polished behind the scenes, as AE corroborated her claims that he cheated with at least 12 other women. In her latest post, Amber Rose accused AE of “gaslighting,” “stonewalling,” “deflecting,” and “projecting,” though she admits that she still has love for him. 

Amber Rose

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

“I wish it was easy to ‘fix him’ but that’s not for me to do. The pain cuts so deep especially when children are involved,” she wrote on her Instagram Story following a week of headlines. “I will always love him so much but I know I can’t heal him only he can do that.” While AE was reportedly cheating on her with multiple women, Rose explained that she’s still having a hard time letting him go.

This also marks the second time this week Rose has hit AE with the narcissistic label, which he even copped to shortly after the allegations came to light.

AE admitted to all of Rose’s accusations, though he begged for forgiveness from his “best friend.” He admitted that regardless of his trifling ways, he still “loves her.” However, he owned up to his disloyal nature as being a part of his character. 

Check out her posts below:

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