Antonio Brown is under fire, once again. Earlier today (March 27th), the 33-year-old took to his Instagram Story to give him eight million followers a sneak peek at his bedroom activities, which reportedly included model and producer Cydney Christine.

“Dead,” the NFL player wrote alongside a cat emoji. “Stop playing wit me. @cydneychristine got the p*ssy on BC,” he continued, using the app’s music feature to attach his own “Pit Not The Palace” song.

Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

After a screenshot of the questionable upload made its way onto @theneighborhoodtalk, people from all over the internet began criticizing AB for his content. “Why would he even post this?” they asked. “This just weird, and why would she let him? I would’ve snatched tf out his phone and deleted it cus what.”

“I would be mortified if that were me,” and “Ain’t he married?” others added. Hours later, the father of five took to his Story once again, this time showing off screenshots of an alleged conversation between him and Christine, giving us further insight regarding the situation.

“Please don’t do that to me,” she wrote to Brown after seeing that he had tagged her in the incriminating post. “I’m really sorry, I just didn’t like the way you were talking to me.”

“This isn’t gonna help anything. What can I do to fix it?” Christine continued. “Send my money bitch,” he shot back. “$5K or [you’ll] be exposed.” The young woman confirmed that she would send the athlete the funds, asking for his PayPal. “Hoe [you] know, stop playing with me bitch. Ima show [you] this time,” he shot back.

From the sounds of things, the picture of AB and CC in bed together was taken awhile back, and the Florida-born recording artist has pulled it out of the drafts in an attempt to get her attention – and the money that he’s allegedly owed.

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