Ari Fletcher found out that MoneyBagg Yo’s song “Wockesha,” which recently went #1 on US urban radio, wasn’t about her and she’s been nagging her boyfriend with constant questions ever since. Yesterday afternoon, she spammed the rapper with questions about the song’s lyrics and she hasn’t slowed down. Apparently, she can’t stop thinking about how the love song is about lean, and not her, because she’s still annoying the Memphis superstar with criticism.

Posting a video of Ari cooking in the kitchen, MoneyBagg Yo hit the beauty influencer with a question of his own, writing, “WHY EVERYTHING GOTTA BE BOUT WOCKESHA [laughing emojis] KEEP HER OUT OF THIS.”

In the video, Ari kept on haunting Bagg with “Wockesha” references, saying, “Wockesha ain’t cooking…” 

“You in this b*tch cooking with my motherfucking house shoes on,” replied Bagg, showing Ari wearing his oversized Gucci slides.

Clearly, this one stung Ari. She’s still sticking by her man, but she’ll likely be requiring a few love songs that are specifically written for her in order to get past this. Ari is a cancer, and if there’s one thing about cancers, it’s that they’ll hold a grudge against you for a long, long time. 

Check out the funny video below, as well as Ari’s tweets underneath.

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