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Asian Doll Snaps At Fan Who Says She’s Embarrassing King Von

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This has been a very eventful week for Dallas-born rapper Asian Doll. The 25-year-old rapper kicked off the week with an appearance on the Fresh & Fit podcast, but after host Myron Gaines disrespected her, she called him “mean” and he blew up, concluding by telling her, “I don’t even know who you are.” She went on to walk off the set of the podcast and didn’t return.

After her walk-off moment, Asian Doll decided to shoot her shot at football player Antonio Brown, asking him out to dinner. When her ex-boyfriend, rapper Jackboy, saw the tweet, he told AB that he was cool with him spoiling her, but asked him to “pass her back” when he was done. Asian replied by laughing in Jack’s face, telling him there’s no chance she gets back with him.

After her drama-filled week, one of her followers called her out when she tweeted about King Von, who she was dating weeks before he was murdered. 

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“I don’t care bout no n***a but von,” she wrote on Twitter, one day after saying that the late Chicago rapper would have been a fan of Kay Flock and his crew. “I’m just living until I meet von again I really don’t care.”

A fan virtually stepped to her and said, “You was just in love with Jackboy this why my bih got to die when I die. Won’t be out here embarrassing my ghost.”

“Suck my d*ck stalking ass n***a weird ass fan ass n***a,” snapped Asian. “Don’t no b*tch wanna die with yo dusty ass.”

What do you think? Is Asian Doll disrespecting King Von’s legacy by continuing to speak on him, or does she have a right to her self-expression as she grieves his death?

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