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Asian Doll Walks Off “Fresh & Fit” Podcast After Host Disrespects Her

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The Fresh & Fit podcast, hosted by Freshprinceceo and Myron Gaines, is quickly earning a chaotic reputation. Touted as the world’s number-one podcast geared toward men, the hosts generally invite a bunch of Instagram models to the panel, as well as a famous rapper or celebrity, to discuss some of the hottest trends in fitness, social media, finances, and more. 

A few weeks ago, DJ Akademiks was a guest on the show and after a heated back-and-forth with one of the models, a gun was allegedly drawn as chaos erupted behind the scenes. Now, Asian Doll has contributed to the show’s latest controversy, walking off the set after being disrespected by the host.

After allegedly interrupting the podcast with a side conversation, Asian Doll and her friend were “shushed” by the podcast host, who shaded Asian by saying, “I don’t even know who she is.” So… why did you invite her onto your show then?

The Dallas-based rapper kept her cool throughout much of the clash, calling the host “mean as f*ck” for telling them to stop interrupting. 

When the host told Asian that she “can go,” she waited a few minutes before walking out, grabbing her things and politely saying goodbye to the models on the panel. The moment quickly went viral, and fans are saying that the host took things too far with Asian. Previously, he allowed Kodak Black onto the show, who interrupted many times as well, but the host didn’t say much of anything then. People reacting on social media think that he wouldn’t have spoken this way to another man had he been the one interrupting.

Watch the video below, as well as some reactions.

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