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Azealia Banks Claims Kanye West Made Teyana Taylor “Cry Her Eyes Out On A Balcony”

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Azealia Banks is speaking her mind, once again. As fans of the Harlem-born star already know, she’s never been one to hold back on giving her opinion – no matter how controversial – on everything from other celebrities to major world events.

Most recently, the “212” singer publicly addressed Ye in an Instagram video, saying, “I really have to get into it… Like, you love beefing with bitches! What is that about? Like, how you beef with Taylor Swift? Are you not hard?” 

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She went on, only getting more riled up, “so, yeah… No more beefing with bitches… I promise you, next time you try to start f*cking around with me, it’s not gonna be like… You know, some like, polite, white girl response.”

“You know, I’m not gonna stand on the balcony and cry my eyes out like Teyana Taylor… Like, don’t do it, cuz you ain’t got no goons,” she concluded, seemingly addressing some previous beef between the father of four and the “Rose In Harlem” singer.

A post uploaded to @theneighborhoodtalk on Instagram reveals that Banks was also in the comments, speculating with fans. “Andddd he apparently just beat down a fan. Today is not Ye’s day,” one person wrote, pointing out that the Atlanta-born rapper has been making headlines for allegedly getting into an altercation that saw him shove someone following him.

The 30-year-old responded, “I’m telling [you] he’s on that dog food with that bitch,” alleging that West has been using heroin with his new girlfriend, Julia Fox, as Tone Deaf notes.

She also took the opportunity to throw some shade at other artists, writing, “plus McDonald’s makes [you] angry as f*ck, why [you] think DaBaby always beating somebody ass??? That food is designed to lower [your] vibration!!”

In other news, Banks also called the Yeezy founder’s music “useless garbage” in another rant – read more about that here.


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