The ladies have been making statements over the past few years with the rise of women in rap. Big Jade has certainly been making the rounds on an underground level but she’s shown some promising potential into what she has in store. Whether it’s the release of a new single or simply a freestyle, Big Jade is clearly preparing for her takeover in the rap game.

This week, she slid through with a brand new freestyle over Lil Mama’s classic record, “Lip Gloss.” Jade takes the lunchroom beat and demolishes it with quick-witted wordplay, charisma, and her versatile flow. 

Check out the latest record from Big Jade and keep your eyes peeled for more releases. Let us know what your favorite bar is in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Give me some money, give me some weed
Lick on the p***sy, get on your knees
And I ain’t never need the city, I’mma turn up by my damn self
We busted down the money ’cause I did it with my friends help 

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