They have been a leading force in the technology game for decades but not everyone is a fan of Apple’s products. Bill Maher took to his show to blast the popular iPhone company following the news that they would be implementing new policies, including scanning phones to crack down on child pornography.

While this on the surface seems like a move that would be accepted by the masses, many find this to be a strategic invasion of privacy. In a world filled with conspiracy theories and distrust of governments, Maher is unenthused with the news and took to his show to vent.

Bill Maher
Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

Maher called Apple’s decision a “blatant constitutional breach,” adding “Our phones should be like our wallets or purses: private. What about probable cause? What about the 4th Amendment?”

Then, Maher extended his displeasure to include all users of smartphones. “Apple should admit that the problem with their phones isn’t just what people store on them. It’s that they make people into assh*les,” he said. “No other device has ever commanded our attention the way a smartphone does.”

“Phones make people live fake lives,” Maher added. It is unclear if he has a smartphone of his own. “It’s more important to get a picture of you having a good time than actually having a good time… Phones make people bullies. Angrier. More vitriolic. More racist online than they would ever dream of being if they had to say those things to someone’s face. The phone made us passive-aggressive to our friends and hyper-aggressive to total strangers. Even texting is too confrontational now for most people. We don’t engage with our friends. We just walk away…just ghost them.

The internet responded by telling Maher that he was incorrect with his assessment about Apple’s new policy while saying that he should have directed his remarks to social media users, not people with smartphones. Check out a few responses below.


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