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Brandy Called It “Beautiful” To Be “Coached” By Mariah Carey While Working On Collab

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They’re two powerhouses who have known each other for decades, so it only makes sense that Mariah Carey and Brandy join together for a collaboration. The singers are two of the most celebrated voices in Pop and R&B, and last summer, fans were teased when Mariah engaged in a Q&A session and revealed that she and Brandy were working on something together. Months later, it was confirmed that a joint effort was on the way, but we still have yet to hear details regarding the track.

Recently, Brandy caught up with Rated R&B where she was asked about the phantom song. The Queens star doubled down that the single does exist and praised Mariah for being down to earth during their creative process.

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“I can tell you the experience was so beautiful. She’s breathtaking, number one. She has a beautiful soul,” said Brandy. “For her to be Mariah Carey, she’s just normal, chill, [and] supportive. When I was in the booth, doing whatever she wanted me to do, it was just beautiful to be coached by her. Like, this is one of my favorite singers — top two. Whitney [Houston], and then it’s Mariah. I’m just glad that she invited me over to just sing with her, and we’ll see what happens. I loved working with her. That was a dream come true.

Elsewhere during the interview, the singer reflected on her career and spoke about regretting not “following [her] gut” when making decisions about her career. 

“If I would’ve listened to my gut, certain songs wouldn’t have been released, certain songs wouldn’t come out, certain songs wouldn’t ever be cut, certain songs would’ve been cut, albums would come out sooner,”‘ Brandy explained. “But I don’t have any regrets. Going forward, because I know my gut never lies, that’s what I’m listening to. No doubt about it. That’s what I’ve learned—the hard way.”


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