Over the past few months, Brittany Renner has caused countless social media frenzies. In August, the 29-year-old social media vixen went viral for breaking up with Charlottes Hornets basketball player PJ Washington just months after she gave birth to their newborn son. Ever since, rumors have circulated that PJ Washington has been ordered by the courts to pay his baby’s mother $200k per month, and as such, many social media users have called out Brittany Renner for allegedly grooming PJ Washington from when he was a student-athlete at the University of Kentucky.

Despite the rampant criticism, Brittany Renner has proudly stood her ground and continued to warn her skeptics to “hide their sons” whenever she visits college campuses.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

This past weekend, Brittany Renner shared a picture of her visiting Jackson State University with the caption, “Hey Jackson State! Hide your sons.” One user on Twitter caught wind of her tweet and didn’t find it funny at all. Hinting that the viral social media star continuously engages in predator-like behavior, the user wrote, “Wow !!!! Imagine the outrage if a grown 30 something year old man went up to a college campus and tweeted a pix of himself with the caption hide your daughters smh Just keep the same energy both ways.”

As a person who remains unbothered by the claims made against her, Brittany Renner quickly clapped backed at the user and mocked them by urging them to call To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansens if they were so concerned with her actions.

“Yeah imagine someone 18 or older wanting to fuck me and me wanting to fuck them so we fuck…very outrageous!” Brittany Renner fired back. “Call Chris Hansen NOW!!!”

Do you think that Brittany Renner has a point with her counterargument against critics who deem her a sexual predator? Or is it right that her actions are being analyzed through such a critical lens?

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