What was once a passing moment on the internet has now become a weeklong feud between Future and his baby mama Brittni Mealy. The situation seems to escalate each day, with both sides roping in other people and trying to profit off of the exchanges. Today marked a continuation of the drama with new claims being made by Brittni Mealy.

The most recent is that she still hasn’t received an apology, neither publicly nor privately, for the incident that started it all– Future allegedly texted their 8-year-old son, calling Brittni a “hoe.” Brittni took to Instagram today to lament Future for this and praise herself for taking accountability for her wrongdoings in the fight. 

Brittni began her Instagram rant by telling the public that they should be thankful she apologized for bringing one of Future’s other baby mama’s, Joie Chavis, into the feud. Though Joie has nothing to do with this specific situation, Brittni clapped back against Future’s pettiness regarding the drama by leaking audio of the rapper saying he never loved Joie. “In the heat of being mad, sometimes you have a lapse in judgement,” Brittni said.

Still, she maintains that she doesn’t have to apologize for anything since Future still hasn’t apologized for calling her a “hoe” to his son. “My son has yet to get an apology, privately or publicly… so I didn’t even have to do that,” Brittni said. 

The day began with Brittni angry that her online store, which was selling merch related to the feud with Future, had been shut down. She obviously blamed Future and immediately put up a new account. Future’s “Pray For Her” merch, in reference to his tweet on the subject, went viral after the feud caught the attention of fans. 

Check out the clip and some of the context below.

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