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Busta Rhyme Effortlessly Raps “Look At Me Now” Verse At Dinner

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We still have yet to get a proper match-up for Busta Rhymes on Verzuz. Over the past year or two, Busta’s expressed his eagerness to step on the Verzuz stage with a formidable opponent. Several names have popped up but Fat Joe said it best — everyone’s scared of Busta. From his early work with Leaders Of The New School to his brief stint with Cash Money Records, Busta Rhymes has hits for days. Plus, his live shows are nothing short of incredible.

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A fortunate group of dinner guests got the opportunity to witness this firsthand over the weekend. A video emerged recently which shows Busta Rhymes seated at a dinner with Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” playing. While everyone simply vibed out to the record, Busta Rhymes proved that the double-time flow on the record didn’t need to be punched in at any points. He rapped the whole verse with passion and Spliff Starr by his side.

Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” is inching towards his 11-year anniversary this February. The song remains one of Busta’s biggest moments of the 2010s and would certainly steal the show during any Verzuz event, no matter who goes up against Busta.

Busta Rhymes didn’t release much music in 2021 but he did release his project, Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God in 2020. 

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