Chika, an up-and-coming rapper who was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys in 2020, posted a worrying message on her Instagram, Saturday, regarding suicide. The Alabama rapper also uploaded several other posts about fans finding her body and that she doesn’t care anymore.

“I went to the top of the intercontinental, but could not jump,” Chika admitted in the heartbreaking post. “Not because i don’t want to, but because the metal stairs were scary that’s the thing about having a fucked up brain. no matter how much pain you are in, there will always be something to hold you back. i know you guys are tired of me holding back. it’s draining & sad. it looks like crying wolf. but it is not. it’s just difficult to find the right way. the quickest way. the painless way.”

Araya Doheny / Getty Images

In addition to her Grammy nomination, Chika was also selected for XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class.

In 2021, Chika announced she was retiring from music due to the “mental toll” that fame and the industry had taken on her life; however, she later reversed her decision.

She ended her post: “no more typing. i’m going to finish my drink and find a way that works. thanks for the ride. i hated it.”


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