Chika is an extremely talented artist who has developed a very dedicated fanbase thanks to their music. Unfortunately, Chika has also had to battle depression throughout her life, and at times, it has led to a very dark path. For instance, Chika took to Instagram yesterday with what appeared to be a suicide note of sorts. Chika hinted that she was about to take her life, and that she was sick and tired of living.

“I went to the top of the intercontinental, but could not jump,” Chika said. “Not because i don’t want to, but because the metal stairs were scary that’s the thing about having a fucked up brain. no matter how much pain you are in, there will always be something to hold you back. i know you guys are tired of me holding back. it’s draining & sad. it looks like crying wolf. but it is not. it’s just difficult to find the right way. the quickest way. the painless way.”

After about 16 hours, Chika took to Twitter where she offered an update for her fans. The artist noted that she is currently alive and is no longer at the site of where she was planning on jumping. Instead, she is simply trying to get back home.

This is certainly a great update to see. Many fans were concerned for her well-being, and we are glad that she is still with us. Hopefully, she is able to get the care that she needs.

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