Coi Leray is living it up and enjoying the success of her songs this summer. From jamming out to “Big Purr” with Snoop Dogg to taking over TikTok, it’s clear she is all about having fun, and giving zero f*cks about what the public thinks in the process– she kind of has to, considering how much they harp on her.

With the recent release of her new single, “Okay Yeah!” that has already landed on the Madden 2022 soundtrack, the singer is likely gearing up for another round of promo. 

Coi is back with more NSFW mirror selfies after her drop of cheeky photos earlier this month. In the hallway this time, the fresh-faced rapper appears to have just woken up with wild baby hairs and an un-made-up face, along with a winter hat, in some of the images.

The XXL Freshman posed with a large floral-embroidered fan as her prop to cover up what Instagram would flag her for. She gazes in the mirror only wearing a thong and a hat with ears, unapologetically showing off her whimsical personality. 

Coi shows off all angles; looking back at it, standing up, and even sitting down so you can see her Prada slippers. Her signature Coi Leray braids are traded in for blonde and black micro braids with beads at the end.

Fellow rapper Princess Nokia praised Coi, commenting “Sooooo cute” while other fans thirsted after the star, begging her to make an OnlyFans account.

Check out her poses below. Should Coi join OnlyFans?

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