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Colby Covington Claims Victory In UFC 268 Fight Against Kamaru Usman

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Colby Covington is one of the most colorful characters in the entire UFC, and as a result, there are many out there who absolutely despise him. Despite this, Covington has continued to do his thing, and just a couple of weekends ago, he had a chance to come up big at UFC 268 as he fought for the title against Kamaru Usman. In the end, it was Usman who won by decision, which is a result that Covington hasn’t been too impressed by. He feels like he won, and this is a sentiment he continues to express.

While speaking to Submission Radio recently, Covington went in-depth on the fight and how he feels like he won the final three rounds. Covington notes that he got a takedown against Usman and that he had the champion up against the gate in the latter part of the match. He even went on to say that a trilogy fight needs to happen as the score has yet to be settled.

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Per Covington:

“I clearly won that fight three to two. The third, fourth, and fifth-round were my rounds – and even if you were looking on a different side of the scope, I think you could see me winning the first round too. It was very close and competitive. After ten rounds, the people see what happened. We fought two times. At the ten rounds, at the worst, I’m winning six rounds to four.

“So, I think there needs to be another fight, there’s needs to be a trilogy if he stays around, if he wants to stick around. After fighting me two times I think he realizes how serious I am and how bad I want that belt. So, I don’t know if he’s willing in that octagon like I am, and I’m gonna get my shot back at him – if he doesn’t retire first. He might retire and just go ride off into the sunset. But if not, I’m looking for that Marty trilogy.”

Usman won the first two matches between the two, and after this last fight, Covington is convinced Usman cheated. The fighter claims Usman poked him and that it hampered his abilities early on. As for whether or not the trilogy fight will happen, that all depends on whether or not Usman continues to fight. Even so, after beating Covington twice, he is likely looking for a new challenge.

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