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Cordae Taps Lil Durk & H.E.R. For Rap-R&B Jam “Chronicles”

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His sophomore effort From a Birds Eye Viewhas been receiving an ample amount of praise from Hip Hop fans, so we thought we’d highlight yet another track from Cordae’s labor of love. The rising rapper has been meticulously etching out his legacy in the Rap arena, and he has been seeking counsel and advice from those who came before him. From a Birds Eye View hosts looks from chart-topping legends like Nas and Lil Wayne, but Cordae also commanded attention from his peers, including Lil Durk and H.E.R.

The latter two artists appeared alongside Cordae on “Chronicles,” and although it is unclear if this will become an official single, fans have called it a standout.

“Each individual song has a significant place in my heart as they were all inspired by real life events, emotions and experiences,” Cordae penned on Instagram. He then asked fans to listen to the record in its entirety from beginning to end without “skips or interruptions” in order to hear the project as it was intended to be metabolized.

Stream “Chronicles” and let us know what you think of this Rap-R&B offering.

Quotable Lyrics

I lace my b*tch in the best, give her designer sex
If I fucked up, I’m sorry, here’s fifty racks for the stress
Not easy to impress, always wonder what’s next
I go as deep as I can and make her shake like Tourettes

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