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DaBaby’s Manager Says It Was DaBaby’s Idea To Wear A Diaper To SXSW 2017

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DaBaby’s manager, King Carter, recently revealed that it was the Blame It on Baby rapper’s idea to rock a diaper at SXSW back in 2017. The viral incident is often considered a landmark moment early in DaBaby’s career.

Before he was known as DaBaby, the rapper went by the moniker Baby Jesus, but the diaper incident helped him rebrand.

“When I met John, he was Baby Jesus. So the whole wearing a diaper thing, that was to help him transition into the name, DaBaby,” Carter told DJ Vlad in a new interview on Wednesday. “The little n***a a genius. That was all him. He came up with the idea.”

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Carter added that he initially protested the idea, feeling that it would not warrant the “type of attention” they were seeking. After DaBaby rocked the diaper at SXSW, his manager admitted that he was wrong.

As for DaBaby’s own explanation of the decision, back in 2019, he said that it was a show of marketing genius.

“[It was] a genius marketing scheme,” he boasted on The Breakfast Club at the time.

“It’s about not caring,” he added.

Check out Carter’s comments on the diaper incident below.

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