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DaniLeigh Addresses DaBaby Debacle: “I Definitely Wasn’t His Side Piece & He Knows That Too”

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DaniLeigh is telling her side, unfiltered. At the tail end of 2021, when the multihyphenate was beefing with her baby daddy, you could hardly scroll through social media without seeing another update or hot take about the former couple, but in recent months, the 27-year-old has been dedicated to her healing.

As you may remember, things blew up between the two during an Instagram Live session, when the “Babysitter” hitmaker was filming Dani nursing their daughter in the midst of a fight. Things between the two were messy for a few days and resulted in some interesting content appearing online, but from the sounds of her latest interview, DaniLeigh is ready to put the past behind her.

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After returning to social media earlier this week, the mother of one dropped off her first single since 2020, “Dead to Me,” on which she appears to address all the drama, along with an accompanying tell-all interview with iHeartRadio’s Angie Martinez.

“It was very triggering, very sad,” Dani said of her public feud with DaBaby. “I wish it didn’t happen because I don’t want my baby to see that later on in life, but she’ll grow to be her own person and be able to take things in.”

The “Cravin” singer addressed her exes claims that she was little more than his “certified side bitch,” explaining, “During that time, I definitely wasn’t his side piece, and he knows that too.”

“It was very selfish, being that I just had our baby,” she said of the rap star’s actions. When asked if Velour’s father has apologized to her, she said, “No, he’s just like that though.”

Ultimately, though, Dani knows that this whole situation has only helped her learn to love herself more. “I feel like I really did love him so much that I was just giving it all to him… I didn’t even focus on my career,” she admitted.

At the end of her interview, the Movie songstress revealed that she’s planning to drop off an EP called My Side on which she’ll get “closure” for herself. “I feel like the project is closure for me to just move on for my next chapter in life and just focus on having fun and being a mom and living life in a positive light,” she said.

Check out DaniLeigh’s full tell-all interview with Angie Martinez below.


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