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DeMar DeRozan Has A Message For Bulls Fans

By May 7, 2022No Comments

With Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, and Lonzo Ball on the roster this season, the Chicago Bulls were looking like prime favorites to take the Eastern Conference. They jumped out to an impressive record to start the year although once Lonzo went down with a knee injury, things started to go a bit downhill for the Bulls. Eventually, they finished sixth in the conference which is a lot worse than fans hoped they would do. 

In the playoffs, the Bulls proved to be an easy out for the Milwaukee Bucks, who dismantled the team in just five games. It was a very solid showing by the Bucks and it was proof that the Bulls are much better off when they have a full roster with all of their playmakers healthy.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

With that being said, DeRozan seems extremely pleased with where the team is at, moving forward. While speaking to the Bulls’ social media team, DeRozan was very adamant that this team is about to have a big showing next year.

“I can assure we’re gonna come back even better next year. Without a doubt,” DeRozan said.

This could be difficult for the Bulls to pull off as LaVine might not return. He wants to go through free agency, and if he doesn’t re-sign in Chicago, the Bulls might find themselves in a very bad position.

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