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DJ Akademiks Claps Back After Being Called Out By Spike Tarintino Over Kay Flock Reporting

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DJ Akademiks is always under fire for his social involvement in the lives of rappers. His latest call-out comes from video director, Spike Tarintino, in relation to Kay Flock’s second-degree murder charge. On Dec. 24th, Kay Flock allegedly shot and killed Oscar Hernandez during an altercation. Ak was one of the first to report on the Bronx rapper. 

Akademiks’ report mirrored the original police report, which considered Flock to be the aggressor. A new video surfaced on Dec. 27th which suggested that Flock may have not been the shooter. Tarintino called out Akademiks for spreading misinformation. “The whole time he was turning up in the Bronx @akademiks never posted us Now bro in a situation I see Akademiks posting all crazy I dont like that energy (that’s corny to me you didn’t post the toy drives the thanksgiving giveaway thing but be quick to post negative stuff)(culture vulture),” the director stated on his IG story. 

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Of course, Akademiks had a mouthful to say. In a twenty-minute video, he gave his rundown on the entire situation. “Your reasons for turning up is why this n*gga is in jail. Let’s stop acting like y’all was doing some positive sh*t. This whole Brooklyn/Bronx drill sh*t is murder music. You were shooting videos for n*ggas who were dissing other n*ggas who if they saw each other, something was gonna happen. You’re not doing nothing positive,” Ak responded. 

Spike Tarintino has yet to respond to Ak’s response. 


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