Dr. Dre published an inspirational video Snoop Dogg sent him on Instagram, Saturday, and thanked him for the positive energy. Dre also thanked everyone else who has sent him positive messages in the wake of his grandmother’s passing.

“Ever since I was fuckin’ with you, before I was fuckin’ with you, you could always take pain, anger, frustration—anything that was negative and you could get something positive out of it,” Snoop said in the clip. “That’s why you the doctor.”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Snoop also commented on the lawsuits Dre is dealing with, likely referring to his divorce from Nicole Young.

“They say Snoop Dogg is an icon, he’s a God, he’s a king, but there’s one n***a to honor, and that’s you,” Snoop said. “So you get your shit right and focus on being great. Take all that negative energy, all that shit that you dealing with—the death, the fucking lawsuits, all that shit—put it all in your mind and your spirit and make something magical, n***a.”

He added: “You got your soldiers with you. You got me, Em, Kendrick… We with you, cuz, let’s go.”

The two long-time friends are set to perform together at the Super Bowl LVI halftime show.


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