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Drake Marvels Over Gorgeous Chain With Him And Adonis On It

By October 24, 2021No Comments

October 24th is a big day for Drake as it marks his birthday. This year, Drake is turning 35 years old which means he is only five years away from perhaps one of the biggest milestones in one’s life. Drake has been able to stay youthful throughout the years, and last night, he celebrated his birthday in style with a party that had a “Cocaine Cowboys” theme to it.

Some of Drake’s closest friends were there and it made for a fantastic evening in which the artist was dressed up like a literal cowboy. The festivities seemed pretty fun and afterward, Drake was presented with a ton of great gifts, including one that tugged on his heart strings.

Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp

In the clip below, you can see Drake being presented with a diamond OVO chain. On the surface, it seemed to be like any other pendant, although the big catch here is the fact that when you turn it around, there is a photo of Drake and his son Adonis. As you can see, Drake was a tad emotional while looking at the chain, and is easy to see why.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Drake got to celebrate Adonis’ fourth birthday, and you can tell it was something that brought him a lot of joy. Drake has immense pride for his son, and we’re sure he’ll be wearing the chain to show that pride, very soon.

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