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Dwyane Wade Unveils His Latest Business Venture In Utah

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Ever since retiring back in 2019, Dwyane Wade has been keeping a watchful eye on everything that has been going on in the NBA. The former Miami Heat superstar is appreciative of all of the new guys in the league right now, and it seems like there are plenty of players out there who were inspired by his style. For instance, Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz can’t play one game without being compared to the likes of D-Wade.

Ironically enough, Wade just so happens to be a part-owner of the Utah Jazz, and over the last year or so, he has seen the team grow and blossom into title contenders. Of course, the team has a long way to go before they win a title, however, that isn’t stopping from Wade from fully immersing himself in the Utah sports experience.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Today, Wade took to Twitter to announce that he is now a part-owner of Real Salt Lake of Major League Soccer. For those who don’t know, Real Salt Lake is one of the longest-standing teams in the entire league, and they have a fairly rich history that started back in 2005. It is currently unknown how much of the team Wade owns at this juncture.

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