“I don’t think I ever did anything wrong,” Bill Omar Carrasquillo told news cameras in front of his house. “I was running businesses wide open in the public.” 

Carrasquillo, known better as Omi in a Hellcat, a famous YouTuber who frequently flexed big chains, foreign cars and lavish estates on his channel and social media platforms, is in the midst of one of the most shocking scandals the internet has seen in a while. 

Charged with “conspiracy, violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, reproduction of a protected work, access device fraud, making false statements to a bank and money laundering,” Omi is alleged to have been running multiple IPTV services, effectively providing television access to millions of users over the internet. 

Facing 514 years in prison, Omi and his two associates were forced to forfeit “nearly $35 million in assets, including over 50 cars and motorcycles, as well as dozens of properties in Philadelphia.” 

In the wake of his arrest and subsequent charges and dramatic forfeitures, Omi held an impromptu press conference in front of one of his massive mansions and, while holding what appears to be his own vlogging camera, asserted he is innocent in all of this. 

“They said that everything I’d done was criminally,” Omi stated, standing in front of the mansion and its driveway littered with many expensive-looking cars. “And back again, we’re back to flourishing again with other business ventures, which means that I’ve always done something right. I just feel like I found a loophole, I ran through it and I did great.”

Continuing on to express his frustration with his arrest and ensuing trial, Omi gave us some insight to the world of IPTVs and how his “colleagues” got off with more money and fewer legal troubles. 

There’s other colleagues of mine that are in the same business that I was in. They never got in trouble with the FBI. They’re getting sued by DirecTV and the FBI never had any interest in them. How come my colleagues get to run of with two, three-hundred million and I was the only one targeted?,” the YouTuber asked. 

This story is still developing and as we approach Omi’s trial we are sure to learn more but what do you think? Did this man really just find a “loophole” and is an unfair target as a result? Or is there more to it? Let us know in the comments. 


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