There was a wave of support for Sha’Carri Richardson after the American sprinter was disqualified from competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics because of a failed drug test, where she tested positive for marijuana. Throughout the Olympics, fans continued to show love to Sha’Carri, who watched on from the sidelines and trained hard for her next race. Now that she’s started to hype up her upcoming competition, fans appear to have turned on her.

On Wednesday, Richardson posted a new video on Instagram, where she got her hair styled and used a Nicki Minaj voiceover to warn her fellow track & field competitors that she’s back, and she’s not the one to mess with. However, considering three Jamaican runners ran faster than Sha’Carri’s personal best in the 100M sprint at the Olympics, fans appear to have lost hope in her winning ability, challenging her confidence in the comments.

Letting fans know about her race on Saturday against the stars from the Jamaican Olympic team, Sha’Carri popped her shit and told her opponents to watch out, but fans weren’t having it. She was instantly met with rude comments about how she would come in fourth place, which will surely only fuel her desire to win even more.

On Thursday, Sha’Carri started trending on Twitter with more supportive messages coming in.

She will be running this weekend at the Prefontaine Classic. Will you be tuning in?

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