Big news for Family Guy fans – all 19 seasons of one of FOX’s most popular animated comedy series will be added to the FXX cable lineup as of Monday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Freeform and FXX will now be the home for previous seasons, while Hulu remains in place as its streaming hub for new episodes.

FXX is already home to an abundance of animated titles including The SimpsonsKing of the Hill, Bob’s BurgersArcher, and Cleveland, with Futurama slated to join the ranks in November of this year.

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“We are airing the absolute ultimate collection of animated adult comedies on cable television,” said Chuck Saftler, who is head of business operations for ABC, Freeform, FX Networks and acquisitions in Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution’s Networks division.

He continued, “This line-up is comedy gold that will provide FXX viewers with belly laugh after belly laugh.”

Older episodes of Family Guy are scheduled to air on Monday and Tuesday from 8 PM to midnight, Thursday from 8 PM to 10 PM, Saturday from 8PM to midnight, and Sunday from 10 PM to midnight.

AV Club reports that the series previously aired on the Adult Swim channel, which actually saved it after it was cancelled back in 2002. The website notes that tonight’s scheduled episodes (three 2015 shows), are the last to air on the channel for now, and perhaps, forever.

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