Since Donald Glover brought the mainstream’s attention to the concept of “Florida Man,” it seems as if everything that happens below the panhandle turns into another viral episode of Florida Man doing Florida Man things.

Fortunately, that’s not a bad thing all.

Every video that comes out of Florida features something you’ve never seen (unless you’re from Florida) and leaves your jaw pretty close to the floor.

The latest instance of Florida Man doing his Florida thing came via Twitter and a video of a man, rocking Adidas slides, going toe-to-toe with an alligator in front of his garage. 

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Florida Man, equipped with just a tipped-over trash can, inches towards the gator until the animal’s head is inside the can and that’s where the mayhem ensued. Upon trying to lift the trash can to capture the gator, the lid falls and hits the gator in the head. The gator lurches forward towards Florida Man but ends up all the way in the trash can. 

Using an Adidas slide as a sort-of lever, the man lifts the trash can, leaving the gator’s tail trashing about until finally slipping all the way into the darkness. 

A daring alligator capture, it looked like this guy had done this before. A three-pronged thought process including deciding to capture a gator, deciding to use a trash can to capture the gator and actually capturing the prehistoric beast seemed like it was second nature for him and he executed the plan to perfection. 

The only complaint here is that it looks a little like this Floridian was rocking Nike socks with those Adidas slides but when an alligator comes knocking, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Check out how Twitter felt about this Florida man’s daring alligator capture and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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