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Floyd Mayweather Has Bold Take On Best Pound-For-Pound Boxer

By November 24, 2021No Comments

Floyd Mayweather finished his professional boxing career with an undefeated record in 50 fights. It is an incredible accomplishment that people still marvel at. While he might be more focused on exhibitions these days, there is no denying the fact that Floyd is still an expert when it comes to boxing and the current crop of fighters.

Recently, in a report from FightHype.com, Mayweather was asked who he thinks is the current pound-for-pound best fighter in the entire world. While most people would probably say Canelo Alvarez, Mayweather decided to go another route. The legend gave major props to Terence Crawford, who just came off of a win against Shawn Porter. As Mayweather explains, Crawford reminds him a lot of his younger self.

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“The p4p best fighter in boxing right now is Terence Crawford,” Mayweather said. “There’s a lot of helluva fighters out there and he’s one of the guys that, he’s a motherf****r. One thing I like about him, he reminds me of a young Floyd Mayweather. He can fight his a** off. I mean, he’s a lot older than I was.”

Mayweather’s recent hot take is certainly going to drum up some debate. With that in mind, let us know who you think is the best pound-for-pound fighter, in the comments section below.

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