On Friday, September 24th, G-Eazy will be coming through with his brand new album These Things Happen Too and fans are nothing short of excited. It’s been a while since the artist has dropped a full-length project and fans are hoping for the best. To help promote this new offering, G-Eazy came through with a new freestyle over the weekend called “Let It Be” which also features OG Maco.

The song clocks in at over 4 minutes in length and it is packed with content as G-Eazy pens poetic bars about his life and the things he’s been through on the road. You can’t help but be invested in what he’s saying as the storytelling is immaculate. As for OG Maco, he handles the hook with some sung lyrics that fit in nicely with the themes portrayed by G-Eazy.

You can check out this new track, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Most of the world is fast asleep while we work all these night shifts
Scars I could never hide, my vampire rises
Blood, thirsty long nights, I indulge in my vices
But wish somebody would have told me how lonely this life gets

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