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Gilbert Arenas & Kwame Brown Get Into Shouting Match During Livestream

By January 8, 2022No Comments

Gilbert Arenas and Kwame Brown do not like each other at all. Over the past couple of weeks, the two former Washington Wizards teammates have been going at each other on social media, and it doesn’t seem like there will be a resolution to this beef anytime soon. Brown has accused Arenas of preventing him from getting paid, while also limiting his minutes and having sex with his former girlfriend.

Arenas has been equally harsh to Brown in a series of Instagram videos, like the one found below. In his latest tirade against Brown, Arenas even laid out some interesting points about his time with Brown in Washington. Arenas simply thinks the former first overall pick is jealous that he turned out to be a bust, all while Arenas got the glory.

Last night, these two finally got to talk it out, although it wasn’t exactly on the most cordial of terms. In the 82-minute video below, Arenas and Brown engaged in what eventually devolved into a screaming match. The two were angered and frustrated with one another, and it made the conversation almost impossible to listen to.

Throughout the run time, Brown accused Arenas of stealing people’s girlfriends, all while accusing him of suppressing his career. Arenas was not having any of this, and by the end, he wouldn’t let Brown say anything, which forced Brown to ask for moderator intervention.

Despite the lengthy convo, the two weren’t able to see eye to eye, so it’s clear the beef isn’t squashed. At this point, both players would be better off just leaving this alone.

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