The pandemic isn’t entirely behind us but the idea of a widespread quarantine initiative seems to be in the past. However, in retrospect, that bleak time, in reality, inspired plenty of pandemic-related album titles. Guap Tarantino slid through with the project, Quarantino last year and now, he’s returned with the official sequel. Quarantino 2 is largely a compilation project that highlights the talent on the YFBG roster and heavily features Guap Tarantino. It’s 12 songs in total with appearances from Dino YFBG, Ytizzle, 311Taker, and more. Lil Uzi Vert also appears on the project for Guap Tarantino’s song, “Of Course.”

Back in 2019, Guap Tarantino released his projects, Charge Em Up and Off The Charge.

Check out the latest project below and sound off with your favorite track in the comments. 

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