It was a frightening scene at Hitman Holla’s residence after his girlfriend, Cinnamon, was a victim of a home invasion. We previously reported on the harrowing event and the Wild ‘n’ Out star gave insight as to what occurred. Four people reportedly broke in while his girlfriend was home and he was out of town. She was on the phone with the rapper as he was advising her on how to protect and defend herself.

“Bullet went through her cheek and out of the back of her head.. she’s at the hospital now being strong,” he shared on social media.

After the story went viral, Cinnamon uploaded a message from her Notes app with an update.

“Honestly i really don’t know what to say, but to give thanks to the man above! Thank you Jesus thank you Jesus!!!” she wrote. “He really had his Angels watching over me [pleading face emoji] & i also truly believe Binny Jr is one of Gods Angel. Binny saved me life [broken heart emoji].” Binny is their beloved dog.

Cinnamon went on to thank the public for their prayers and kind words. “I never knew I was this strong until now!” she continued. “I’ve never been so afraid in my life man, but i was covered by the blood of Jesus! I love yal so much!” We continue to send positivity to both Hitman Holla and Cinnamon during this time. Read Cinnamon’s message below.

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