Icewear Vezzo is ready to put on for the bubbling Michigan rap scene once more when Rich Off Pints 2 releases on September 3, but in the meantime, he continues to treat his fans with new singles like “Chamber Brothers.”

The smooth, head-bobbing track clocks in right around three minutes, and it finds the Drank God doing what he does best — rattling off lowkey bars that will have you rewinding the track because you probably missed them the first time. Produced by The Mechanics, “Chamber Brothers” also comes accompanied by a music video, and just like the single, it’s minimal, yet captivating.

With promising tracks like “Chamber Brothers” and the momentum that he has built with his first Rich Off Pints project earlier this summer, Icewear Vezzo is definitely gearing up to have another big release with Rich Off Pints 2. Are you feeling Vezzo’s latest release?

Quotable Lyrics

Now you ain’t never up no score, you out here scrimmaging
Where I’m from we slime him out and wipe the middle man
Told lil gang they gotta chill, they out here killing shit
How you caught a body, did they time, and you still a bitch?
AR heavy on my shoulder gotta aim this fucker
Selling crack like it’s the ’80s, we the Chamber Brothers

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