We’re not sure if he’s just trolling with this tweet, but people are laughing at what apparently happened to Jack Harlow. The Kentucky rapper is known for his jokester persona on social media and like many of his peers, he shares bits about his life and experiences in an effort to entertain his fans. On Thursday (October 21), Harlow revealed that he had an almost disastrous moment at a hotel.

It is unclear where he may have been when this happened, but there seemed to have been a mixup when Harlow was finding his hotel room.

“I just got off the elevator at my hotel, walked to my room, & the cleaning lady suddenly opens the door on her way out,” he tweeted. “Naturally she let me in. I kick my feet up on the couch for 15-20 mins. Go to the closet and it’s a bunch of unfamiliar clothes. Got off on the wrong floor fam.”

It was a simple, yet amusing story that his fans had fun teasing him about, including those who could not help but advise Harlow to bring his glasses back because he apparently couldn’t see too well. Others, like his many admirers, used this opportunity to shoot their shot by begging for his hotel room number. 

Check it out below.

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