Jack Harlow says that he hasn’t touched alcohol in 2021 in a lengthy Instagram post uploaded on Sunday. The rapper says he may never even take another drink.

“Haven’t had a single sip of alcohol in 2021. Going the rest of the year without it. Maybe I’ll never take another sip, who knows?” he wrote.

Jack HArlow, Alcohol
Rich Fury / Getty Images

He added that alcohol has been one of his favorite vices, but says that he doesn’t need it: “My favorite vice was definitely drinking (I don’t like to smoke) but if I learned anything this year it’s that I don’t need it. I don’t usually say a lot in my captions because it feels like anything worth telling y’all I should just put in my songs…but today felt like a good time for a life update. I’m really grateful for how far we’ve come and I want you to know I appreciate all of you. But I’m hungrier right now than I’ve ever been. I’m prepared to become a well-oiled machine to take this shit to the next level. See you soon.”

Harlow’s announcement of his own sobriety comes as the “WHATS POPPIN” rapper is set to embark on The Creme De La Creme Tour on Sept. 8. He will be joined by Babyface Ray and Mavi.


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