In March of 2021, rapper Jackboy was arrested and charged for gun possession after being pulled over in Atlanta, Georgia. Initial reports indicate that police pulled over a blue Lamborghini SUV that the rapper was riding in, citing the odor of marijuana as the catalyst for a search. In the process, they discovered two unregistered firearms in the passenger’s side compartment, where Jackboy was sitting.

Though another passenger claimed ownership of the guns, Jackboy’s status as a previously convicted felon prohibited him from being within reach of a weapon. As such, he was later charged with possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. Now, TMZ has reported that the gun possession charge has been officially dropped.

According to their report, Monroe County D.A. Jonathan L. Adams decided not to pursue the charge, citing “concern regarding being able to prove [Jackboy] had actual knowledge of the location of the firearms.” Evidently, the passenger who claimed ownership of the guns also proved to be a hurdle for the D.A, who ultimately decided that the charge was more trouble than it was worth. 

Jackboy’s attorney had a few words to share on the matter. “We told you early this year that [Jackboy] was innocent of these charges,” he tells TMZ. “We are very much appreciative of them making that important decision.”

Overall, it’s good news for Jackboy, who has recently been making headlines over a widely publicized falling out with his former collaborator Kodak Black. 


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