Last year was a turbulent one for James Harden as he started the season in a bad situation. It had become clear that Harden no longer wanted to be a member of the Houston Rockets, and he was doing everything he could to get himself out of there. Eventually, Harden was dealt to the Brooklyn Nets, where he got to reunite with Kevin Durant, all while playing alongside Kyrie Irving. For the most part, the Nets were incredible throughout the season, although injuries eventually took them out of the playoffs.

Heading into next year, the Nets are considered favorites to win it all, and Harden is set to be a big part of that. During a report from Michael Shapiro of Sports IllustratedHarden opened up about his new teammates and the role he has within the Nets offense.

James Harden

Elsa/Getty Images

“There really wasn’t any adjustment. I still play how I play, but now I don’t have to shoot the ball so much. It’s really the best style for me, to be honest,” Harden said. “Kevin (Durant) and Kyrie (Irving) can always go get a bucket, and, with me as a playmaker, I can think about how to get shooters involved, how to get bigs touches, how to create open shots. My main focus is trying to get everybody involved and have each guy make an impact on the game.”

Harden and the Nets are in the best position possible to win right now, and if they get it done next season, Harden’s exodus from Houston will have been well worth the trouble. If the Nets lose, however, it will rightfully be considered a colossal failure.


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