Jayda Cheaves is officially a single woman, and she’s making the most of her summer by twerking all over Baltimore, going viral for a video showing her dancing in different parts of the city.

The model/entrepreneur has long been linked to Lil Baby, and while she still has a lot of love for the Atlanta rapper, she’s distancing herself from him after numerous cheating scandals. These days, she can be found in the streets of Baltimore, living her life the way she wants to and twerking for viral videos on the internet.

Arun Nevader/Getty Images

This week, the entertainer started trending on Twitter with thousands of people retweeting a video of her twerking and adding their commentary. The video wasn’t even posted by her — it was one of her friends that shared it, but it still managed to pick up so much attention that everyone started to applaud Single Jayda’s twerk skills, slightly shading Lil Baby and tagging him in the clip to remind him what he’s missing.

Her aggressive moves were not loved by all, but the majority of commenters are lusting over her moves.

Recently, Jayda signed onto her first acting role, accepting a gig on an upcoming movie. She’s also been opening businesses left and right, inspiring women to be entrepreneurs and continue chasing that paper.

Check out how people have been reacting to her Baltimore twerking video below.

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