Cuban Doll and JayDaYoungan very publicly broke up a few weeks ago when Cuban called out the rapper on social media, claiming to have found “gay stuff” on his phone. At the time of her claims, she cited Jay’s sexuality as the “real reason” they split, and the rapper has officially addressed her remarks.

According to JayDaYoungan, Cuban Doll is simply angry that he hasn’t been intimate with her in over a month, so she’s spreading false allegations.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

“Bitch all in her feelings cus ainn give her d*ck in a month now she on Twitter calling me gay,” wrote the 23-year-old on Instagram. “When she know I drop real good d*ck & that P*ssy need spit so I rather her swallow my babies.”

Cuban Doll has not responded to Jay’s latest comments. However, she did suggest that they might have gotten back together, tweeting on Monday morning, responding to a fan who tweeted, “i got my bitch back i’ll call y’all when i’m cryin again” with “*n***a.”

Do you think JayDaYoungan and Cuban Doll got back together? And what do you think about Cuban Doll claiming that she found “gay stuff” on his phone? Who’s lying about who?

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