Joe Rogan says that it would be a mistake for Conor McGregor to take on Kamaru Usman. The stand-up comedian discussed both fighters during a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan began with high praise for Usman, calling the current UFC Welterweight Champion the “best pound-for-pound fighter alive.”

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“Now he’s talking about fighting Kamaru Usman. Be careful what you ask for,” Rogan said on his podcast. “Be careful what you ask for. Usman is a big man and he’s top of the food chain right now. That’s the best pound-for-pound fighter alive, Kamaru Usman, and he’s a natural 170. You’ve got to remember, Conor McGregor won the title at 145 and then he went up to 155 and knocked out Eddie Alvarez to become the champ-champ… Then he fought at 170 but he fought Cowboy Cerrone who is a natural 155 pounder. No knock on Cowboy, Cowboy’s beat a lot of good 170 pounders, he’s an elite fighter, but Usman’s a different thing. That’s a different peak. There’s no oxygen at the top of that mountain. That’s as good as it gets ever at 170.

From there, Rogan revealed that he believes Usman could be the best fighter at 170 pounds of all-time.

“I would put Kamaru Usman up against any 170-pound fighter that’s ever lived,” he said. “I’m not saying that he would beat Georges St-Pierre, I’m not saying he would beat all of them, but he might beat all of them. He might be the best that’s ever been at 170. He’s as good as they get. He’s got ferocious knockout power, he’s elite at wrestling, nobody puts him on his back… And he’s still getting better. He’s still getting better.”

Check out Rogan’s interview with Monty Franklin below.


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