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Joel Embiid Goes Scorched Earth On Karl-Anthony Towns

By December 28, 2021No Comments

Earlier today, Karl-Anthony Towns caught some flack after he made some comments about Russell Westbrook’s playing style, while talking to Twitch streamer Adin Ross. Towns claimed that Westbrook is a stat chase, and while Towns did show Russ some love, it’s clear that KAT’s comments rubbed people the wrong way, especially when you consider how KAT tried to play himself off as the opposite of a stat chase. Eventually, he even got some shade from Draymond Green.

“I once watched from the bench due to us beating the Twolves ass and he was in the game down 20 with 2 mins to go,” Green said. “Come on man. Stop talking to people about the “bros” and yelling this is a “brotherhood.” SMH.”

Now, KAT is being obliterated by none other than Joel Embiid, who might as well be his NBA arch-nemesis. The two have gotten into numerous altercations over the years, and now, Embiid is taking his shots at the T-Wolves star.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Embiid called Towns a pussy and a bitch for his actions on and off the court. It is an incredibly harsh assessment, with Embiid claiming that Towns only wants to talk tough right now because he’s finally getting some wins with the T-Wolves. Needless to say, pretty scathing.

If you’re Towns, you have to feel a way about all of these stars thinking they can talk like that about you without recourse. Needless to say, it should be fun to see the T-Wolves and the Sixers play against each other soon.

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