JT reacted to Lil Uzi Vert’s new hairstyle on Twitter, Saturday, with words of support for her man’s unique new look. The hairstyle features several tall spikes, which he revealed on Instagram, earlier this month.

One fan tagged JT in response to the picture, asking if she still claims him.

“Yeah who else man would it be but MINE??!” JT fired back in defense of Uzi.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

The new hairstyle coincides with the rapper announcing the return of “evil Uzi,” in a post on March 5. 

“Woke up back that evil Uzi,” he wrote on Instagram Stories. “Oh yea, it’s alot of people who thought I was done and prayed every night that they would take my spot. Boy oh boy just fasten your seatbelts. Oh sh*t I almost forgot, y’all dress funny. I don’t wanna look like nobody.”

Uzi and JT have been dating since early 2021. Uzi recently celebrated JT’s 29th birthday by gifting her a McLaren.

“I’m screaming, uziiiiiiiii wtf I was not did not expect this,” JT tweeted after getting her gift. “I’m so in love I never thought I would be, I be pinching myself.”

Check out JT’s response as well as Uzi’s new hairstyle below.

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